Personal Financial Services

Whether you are just starting your career, planning for your retirement or somewhere in between, having a solid financial plan in place is critical to your future and the future of those you love.  Developing a solid financial plan is similar to creating a road map for your journey through life.  Your map clarifies your objectives and helps you stay on track toward accomplishing your goals, regardless of any unexpected setbacks or even windfalls you may encounter along the way.

RetireSource will guide you through all aspects of asset creation, protection and preservation.  Our extensive experience combined with modern planning techniques and cutting edge technology allows us to simplify the process and provide an easy to understand format to monitor your financial progress.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning should serve as the foundation by which all personal financial decisions are made.  We will help organize and assess your existing financial condition, review objectives, identify concerns and help develop a framework for making intelligent financial decisions throughout your life's journey.

Understanding your financial goals, risk tolerances, asset protection concerns, time horizons and investment experience are all critical to developing your unique individual plan. We offer various options based on your own personal circumstances and preferences.

Financial Planning Services:

Comprehensive Financial Planning 
Asset Allocation Analysis 
Retirement Income Planning 
Educational Funding 
Investment Recommendations 
Estate Planning 
Tax Strategies 
Charitable Planning 
Trust Planning


Investment Services

At RetireSource, we feel the key to identifying competitive investment products is to start with a Broker/Dealer that has no proprietary products. This means we are free of "quotas" or production requirements imposed by any specific provider. Our focus and recommendations are based solely on your financial needs and objectives.

We offer our clients a key edge: flexibility in how various investment products are delivered. We are able to accommodate virtually any type of preferred structure from fee-based arrangements to commissioned retail products. We can offer mutual funds as well. Variety is necessary to accommodate each individual's unique circumstance and preferences.

Investment products are key components of your total Financial Plan. For this reason, we recommend any product introduction be preceded by a complete Financial Planning process. A thorough review of your financial background, objectives, risk tolerance and expectations are critical to insuring that all product selections support your financial goals and plan objectives.

Investment Products:

Fee Based Asset Management 
Third party Managed Accounts 
Mutual Funds 
Retirement Products 
Variable Products 
Individual Stocks & Bonds

Personal Insurance

If you are seeking personal insurance of any kind, click on the link to visit our parent organization, R. J. Welsch & Associates, Inc. for all of your personal Insurance needs.

Health Insurance 
Life Insurance - Term, Universal, Variable, Whole, Joint, Survivor, Mortgage. 
Disability Insurance 
Dental & Vision Insurance 
Long Term Care 
Senior Insurance Products (Medicare Supplements, Medicare Part D, etc.)
Property & Casualty - Offered through an alliance with a preferred P&C agency.