RetireScope is our complimentary retirement projection tool, designed to bring clarity and understanding to the retirement process.  It will provide you with a visual map of where you are on the path to and through retirement and is a great place to start decoding the retirement mystery. RetireScope delivers a simplified analysis of your financial position, a convenient timeline of “to do's” (to identify future milestones) and answers to many often-asked retirement questions.  In your initial session, (conveniently held via our on-line meeting software in the comforts of your own home!) RetireScope will provide you with:

  •   A clear snapshot of where you stand in terms of your retirement goals
  •   A detailed income projection to determine when you can stop working and / or how long your money will last
  •   A road map to identify and prioritize future financial planning opportunities
  •   How to better position yourself to retire when you want    

This analysis is interactive and variables /financial events can be changed to show how decisions now will affect future outcomes. Change any of the assumptions and watch the impact of those changes in real time. 

When you partner with RetireSource throughout this process, you will also receive:

  •   Protection strategies for your family
  •   A transition plan for your healthcare and social security benefits
  •   An analysis of your spending needs before and throughout retirement
  •   Positioning strategies for your money as you near and enter retirement
  •   An impact assessment of your monetary decisions today on your retirement later  

Simplify, organize and visualize your retirement through the lens of RetireScope. Rely on this comprehensive, interactive tool and supporting process to clarify your path through retirement, no matter where you are in the process. 

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